It was March, “Jan, would you like to go to a stamp show in June?” I knew this was easy bait, Jan loves to travel.

“Sure, where is it?”

“Denver, the American Topical Association show. The same group we were with last year in Florida. We should know some of the folks there.”

“Are you going to exhibit?”

“Yes, if I can get the Maps on Stamps pages finished. So off I sent my synopsis, sample pages and of course, entry fee. To my surprise, I received an Email in response, telling me that all the frames were full.  I was too late.

“So, are we still going?” asked Jan.

“Why not, and why don’t we add on some extra days.”

We debated if we should drive or fly. “Let’s drive and go to Yellowstone.” And that is how we come to be driving on Jan’s birthday.

The Global Positioning System works. The Chicago Automobile Associations mailed us excellent tour books and maps. The Internet has been consulted.

Windsor has gone to the kitty motel, but as usual not without a fight. We had every door in the house closed to limit his hiding places. He knows! The moment I brought up the pet carrier, he disappeared. Nowhere to be found. We eventually tracked him down behind the loudspeakers in the living room. After moving the lamp, ornaments and side table, he knew it was time to move on, with me in pursuit. “Gotcha.”

The parrot, Henry, had his cage spring cleaned, and went without a squawk.



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